Industrial Equipments

HT Power Cables Upto 110 KV

HT Power Cables can carry current up to 110 kV and are ideal to carry current at high voltage. It has various like high continuous current rating, higher short circuit rating, and long life. Our range of HT Power Cables is reliable, safe, and non-hazardous, and is available in both single and multi-core. They use high-quality copper and aluminium conductors for voltage efficiency.

LT Power Cables

Low Tension Cables are largely used for low voltage power flow. They have exclusive protective armouring either round or flat and some are unarmoured. They have layers of insulation to protect the cable from external affecting factors. The conductors used in these cables are copper and aluminium, which are of high quality. LT cables can be beneficial to industries like power distribution, power stations, railways, etc. revolving around the 1.1 kV range.

Cable End Termination Kit

The Cable Termination kit is made of optimum graded quality materials. The cable terminations are formulated to eliminate and connect the cable to medium or high voltage electrical equipment including switchgear, transformer, motor, enclosure, etc., for elevated line distribution networks.


The circuit breaker is an electrical switch designed to safeguard the electrical circuit from the destruction caused by overcurrent or overload or short circuit. The primary function of the breaker is to interrupt current flow after protecting relays to detect a fault. The low and medium circuit breakers have distinct designs that are specific to amperage, voltage, and application. The simplest circuit breakers are operated by a solenoid activated by an excessive current flow. Small circuits are widely used as an alternative in the place of fuses to protect electrical systems in the home.

Protection Relay

The protection relay is an automatic device that detects the abnormal actions of an electrical circuit and abruptly ends its contacts. These contacts ultimately close the circuit breaker trip. In turn, the circuit breaker trips and disconnects the defective portions of the electrical circuit from the beneficial circuit. It is mainly used as a sensor and is also involved in transformers. The protection relay is used as a reliable, effective, and efficient protection for the working of electricals.

Panel Board

Panel Boards are mainly used to securely allocate electricity throughout commercial and industrial facilities. It is an important element of the electricity distribution and management system. It primarily divides the electrical power spread into branch circuits thereby providing a protective circuit breaker or fuse for each circuit in a common section. It is generally used to safeguard branch circuits from overloads and short circuits. Panelboards are designed to meet UL 67 and NEMA Standard PB1. An exemplary cost-efficient operated source of an electrical beneficiary.

APFC Panel

Automatic Power Factor Control or APFC Panels is primarily used in the modification of the power factor. The APFC panels are used in the power factor improvement whenever necessary and they are operated by ultimately switching on and off the capacitor bank units. These automatic panels are best suited for construction, health care, education, manufacturing, power generation etc., purposes. The special feature of APFC is its extremely long life expectancy. It prevents damage to the sensitive electronic network with fast transient free switching off capacitor banks.

Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Filters are series or parallel resonant circuits which are formulated to shut or block harmonic currents. It is primarily used to reduce the harmonic current flow from the source thereby reducing the harmonic voltage distortions in the system. The power harmonic filters are constructed to have low impedances to assure the harmonic currents are flowing between the loads and the filters rather than affecting the power source and the other components of the electrical power generation and distribution systems. It enhances the power supply thereby decreasing the power bills. They are energy efficient thereby making a high power supply consumption.

Cable Straight-through Joining kit

Cable straight through joining kits are available for tape/wire shielded, armoured/unarmoured medium voltage single core and three core polymeric cables. These kits are of high voltage and provide suitable insulation and sealing performance. The Joining kits are made of perfect insulating material. These joining kits are equipped with quality materials and are reliable to use. They are highly performative, operative, and efficient to use.