Oil Cooled Transformer

Oil Cooled Transformer or Oil Immersed Transformer is a kind of transformer is immersed in mineral oil thereby regulating the temperature of the transformer. This type of transformer employs mineral oil for heat dissipation and better insulation. They use mineral oil as a primary cooling medium or agent. The insulating oil used in the oil-cooled transformer is highly efficient and effective in the insulation process. These transformers are used mainly in industries and are highly beneficial.

Dry Type Transformer

This variety of transformers never uses any insulating mineral oil rather its winding and core are kept inside a sealed tank that is pressurized with air. This kind of transformer has prime advantages in that they are safe to use and are not harmful to people or any properties. They are easy maintenance and pollution-free solution. It is of high quality and has an excellent capacity to support overloads. It is of high performance with low thermal and dielectric heating.

Servo Stabilizer

The servo stabilizer is a servo motor controlled stabilization system that enables optimal voltage supply using a buck-boost transformer that captures voltage fluctuations from input and regulates current to the correct output. They are run by the fundamental element called a servo motor. It fastens in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction to regulate and stabilize the voltage levels.

Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers provide divergence from the power line ground connection to remove ground loops and inadvertent test equipment grounding. They also suppress high-frequency noise driving on the power source. It provides galvanic isolation between the AC power line (main) and the powered device. The isolation transformer serves in isolating the secondary from the earth, step-up and step-down of the line (main) voltages, and reducing line noise.