Testing and Commissioning of ALL Power Gride Electrical Equipment

After the completion of electrical installation works, the whole work is subject to testing and commissioning before its final placing in service. We assist you with the entire checking and checking of the electrical equipment to ensure it is out of any defects. We assist in carrying out all the procedures and undertakings to get the power supply from the authorities to check the power supply. We aid you throughout the procedure to ensure the installed electrical equipment is in good condition.

Cable Erection & Joining Work

We also aid our customers with cable routing and joining works. We have a specialized team for installing cables and joining them. Our personalized team ensure the application of appropriate quality control procedures before the erection and joining work. We follow appropriate procedures and protocols for the installation and joining process to make it easier and hassle-free for the consumers. We ensure that our products and services are on good terms. Our cable installation and joining process will be under the supervision and they are performed with great care.

Transformer Erection

Before the erection of the transformer, its parts of it are tested for their quality and their contribution to its performance. The windings, bushings, core, DGA insulating oil, conservator, cooling system, etc., are tested appropriately. We ensure the transformers are set on the same tappings and checked for having the same impedance. Our specialized team after testing, install the transformers with utmost perfection and care. The erection procedures are undertaken depending on the type of transformers to make sure no defect or accident occurs during the process. Then, the commissioning process to check its performance.

Breaker and Panel Erection

The breaker and panel erection involves wiring procedures. The whole process undergoes testing, installation, and commissioning process. Our specialized team ensure that the erection process securely takes place. The wiring process takes place by connecting it all over the area of the power supply to make sure to control the excessive current flow. The panel erection is subjected to commissioning to check its electrical power spread quality and performance. The erection of circuit breakers and panelboards involves the utmost perfection in the wiring concerning the parts where it all connected.

HT and LT Panel Wiring

The installation of an HT panel (High Tension) is to supply power to various electrical devices and distribution boards. The erection of the LT panel (Low Tension) is to obtain power from the generator or transformer and distribute it to the electrical devices. The HT and LT panels are installed both outdoors and indoors to control the electricity flow. The erection process involves the distribution of wires and insulating them appropriately. Before the election, the panel are cross-checked and after erection, it is all subject to commissioning. The insulation process involves appropriate work since they are connected to various electric devices. They are monitored and checked periodically for their performance and defect-free nature.

Commercial Wiring

Commercial electrical wiring primarily uses three-phase power instead of single-phase power. So, there are four or five wires connected to the cables. It consists of three live cables, a neutral cable, and an earth cable. The wiring needs perfect insulations and connections. Our specialized team take care of the installation keeping commercial electrical wiring symbols in mind. Our team designs electrical wiring systems in the way to ensure that they properly balance power and support operations. The wiring levels are perfectly authorised and perfectly connected to the cables for a supreme performance. The commercial wiring connections are made in a way to allow the power to flow through the wires effectively. Our teamwork in the erection of commercial wiring is made efficiently and reliably.